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1st Line specialists are invited to Longcheng Group for a technical exchange
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Lately, 1st Line specialists are invited to Henan Longcheng Group Co., Ltd (hereafter referred as “Longcheng Group”) for a technical exchange and on-site survey regarding the relating equipment problems of equipment management, and provide solutions for enterprise, which gains the recognition of the enterprise and is highly valued by the enterprise. The two parties have reach an initial consensus on future cooperation.

Founded in 1988, Longcheng Group is a modern group covering multiple industries such as special steel, efficient clean coal technology, etc. It is “National Enterprise Technical Center” and “Henan Extra-thick Plate Engineering Research Center”. Its solely-invested subsidiary, Hanye Special Steel Company, takes "special, extra-heavy and extra-thick" as the development direction. It has a continuous casting machine ,which has the worlds biggest straight-arc cross-section, and the first ingot extra thick plate production line.

As the industrial base and operation center of Micava International in China, 1st Line Company can provide a series of solutions for various problems of equipment management. At present, 1st Line innovatively extends its business from single repair and maintenance into safety assurance, energy conservation, efficiency enhancement and environment protection. Till now, it has provided high quality service for many enterprises, including some Fortune Globe 500 companies.

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