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A Statement on Carbon Nano-tube, Graphene Composite Technology, 1st Tech Descaler and Composite Repa
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In a recent period of time, 1st Line Company frequently received queries from many customers about carbon nano-tube, graphene composite technology, 1st Tech Descaler and Composite Repair Technology. After summarizing and a further research to these question, we have discovered that these problems have influenced the interest of wide customers and to some extent they have influenced 1st Line Company’s legal rights and interests. Therefore, to be responsible for the customer’s interest and the company itself, we made a statement regarding the above problems as following, so that to make sure a correct understanding of the matter.

1.A statement on nano-tube and graphane composite material.

Compounding and synthesis of carbon nano-tube/graphanene material with existing resin-based polymer composites to improve its overall comprehensive performance is a key development project launched in 2015 by our company, and it is also a key technical program certificated by specialists from Zibo Science and Technology Committee. Lately, a customer consulted us that a repair & maintenance company would sell them a kind of product called carbon tube graphene technology and the customer doubted about that. Having faith in our company’s specialization, they expected us to assist them to find out the truth. As a matter of fact, there is no mature synthesis technology of carbon tube and graphene. Simply adding this material will not bring any enhancement to the material by nature. Therefore, we particularly declare hereby that in order to prevent illegally theft of technical concept, if any customer comes across the above situation, please make a comprehensive survey and gain more insights, and ask them for the component identification report and legal documents in case of the need for right protection.

2.A statement on 1st Tech Descaler

1st Tech Descaler of high efficiency and environmental protection is a technology jointly developed by 1st Line Company and Micava International platform. It is a patent product of our company. Since it has entered into market, 1st Tech Descaler have gained a widely recognition by domestic and overseas users with its high efficiency, environmental protection, non-corrosive performance. Lately, a customer reflected that a repair& maintenance company declared that their descaler is similar with our technology in a lower price. In view of this, this customer, considering the long-term cooperative relationship with our company, informed us about this situation. After our research from many aspects, we found that there indeed exists illegal company illegally utilizing our technology advantage to make advertisement. They confuse the users and disturb the market. To this problem, we suggest that users make a deep comparison before make a decision and can consult us at any time. To this vicious action, we have started juridical procedure to investigate and pursue the legal liability of the people who steal our company’s confidential information.

3.A statement on 1st Line Composites Technology Application

As the front runner of the application of polymer composites in the repair & maintenance area of industrial equipment, by its persistent effort for 13 years, 1st Line Company has not only made remarkable achievements on the area of  new material research and development, but also accumulated rich experience in practical application among which the polymer composites technology has got national patent for invention. It is protected by national patent laws, and is also one of our confidential technology. As described in above cases, customers reflected to us that there existed illegal company illegally utilizing our technology advantage to make advertisement. They have severely infringed upon our intellectual property. To this situation, we have started a survey and obtained some evidences. For the next step, we will actively assistant relative departments to pursue the relevant legal liability.

Regarding the above statement, 1st Line Company not only concentrates on its own interests, but cares more about the users interests. As for the non-standard operation and illegal money-making phenomenon in this area, we specially remind users that when choosing cooperators, users should make a survey on their background and ask for the necessary legal document of their products, in case of being cheated by their so-called new technology. Besides, we would like to assist users with their consultation, and help to provide true evidence. At the same time, we appreciate our cooperative users for their long-time care and reliance and also appreciate their information disclosed to us. We would setup tip-off mechanism and reward to the people who provide information of infringement of our interests so that jointly protect our interests.

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