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Innovating Development Model, Building Technology Group
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Since its establishment, 1st Line Company’s core business is to help users from various industries to realize equipment maintenance with advanced polymer composites. For 13 years, by the persistent effort and innovative exploration, 1st Line Company has built a distinctive path of development. The new business model of 1st Line Company has setting an example in the industry, and the equipment management concept and cooperative model with users under the new situation has been widely recognized by all walks of life. What’s more, with both globally integrated and innovatively developed composites, it provides comprehensive and diversified advanced solutions for users in the area of equipment management in order to effectively control the cost of equipment maintenance and greatly reduce and avoid the negative factors and economic losses caused by the scrap and/or updating of equipments and downtime. So far, 1st Line Company has provided services for more than 3000 domestic and overseas customers from various industries and areas , and created billions of direct and indirect economic benefit, and becomes an important active force in technical progress.

Meanwhile, with the continuous and further cooperation with users from various industries, 1st Line Company has realized with its acute insight that the development model based on the competition of scale, equipment, and price, as well as high energy consumption, high pollution, and high cost is hard to continue. As a matter of fact, this has been proven by the changes of Chinese development structure and the frequent launch of the new policies and rules. Therefore, the idea which we believe is reasonable in the past is no longer suitable under the new situation. Under this background, the equipment management concept to the manufacturer is no longer confined to the single level of maintenance. Instead, we should consider all the factors relating to the cost of equipment maintenance. For this purpose, after long-time exploration, scientific analysis and practice, combing with the equipment operation features of Chinese industry, 1st Line Company has innovatively made a modularization design from the systematization perspective. All of the factors relating to the cost of equipment operating are highlighted in this systematic model, no matter from the macro perspective of operating status, consumption and terminal treatment , or from normal perspective of the maintenance, security, efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection or from the micro perspective relating to the above five aspects, so that providing scientific basis for the establishment and implementation of solutions.

In view of the above, based on the pre-judgment of the present situation, 1st Line Company has started to plan the core business transformation since 2008, and officially finished the business model design in 2012. During this period, 1st Line Company put the ideas into action and has built reliable cooperative relationship with many well-known enterprises and research institutions to provide solutions with innovative cutting edge technology in the area of equipment operating cost control and optimization for Chinese industrial company. Today, in order to make the advanced resources adapting to the tendency of Chinese economic change, 1st Line Company has made an adjustment to the existing development model to realize a business recombination. 1st Line Company will promote a series of cutting edge and competitive technical products as core business, and adopt an innovative mechanism of internal departments optimization and external partnership introduction to transform from building business divisions to sole corporation, and finally to develop into 1st Line Company technology group. ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. We believe that under the opportunity of new period and driven by innovative development thought, 1st Line Company will head into the new objective with the experience accumulated in 13 years of development.

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