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1st Line Technology Online Repair the Wear of Drying Cylinder Shaft of Paper Machine
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The shaft of drying cylinder is under a huge torque force and extrusion stress during the operation. Once a gap appears between the shaft and bearing, the friction between shaft neck and inner circle of the bearing will increase, producing a strong vibration and noise, and further resulting in rotating instability of the roller and thus reduce the performance of the machine. It further intensifies the wear degree of bearing seat, because there is heat vapor in drying cylinder during operation, and the temperature reaches more than 120°C. Once a gap appears, it will result in bearing damage and scrap. Another important reason that cause the wear of bearing is without timely maintenance.

The successful application of 1st Line polymer repairing technology in drying cylinder of paper machine realizes the online repair of the shaft of paper machine. It fulfills a mission that seems unlikely to be completed. Besides, it also brings advanced maintenance and equipment management concept to industrial enterprises. It truly bring benefits to enterprises.

Picture shows the cases of application.


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